AutoBid System

We are introducing a whole new way to WIN on!
Let the AutoBid System do all the bidding for you!

How it works

Our new and improved autobid system will allow you to enter your maximum bid in the system directly from the search or category page.

The Autobid system will bid on your behalf without going over your maximum. You will also be able to view your autobid amount on the auction page. This information is only visible to you. You will also notice the name of each leading auction bidder right from the showcase view. If you are over-bided the autobid information will be removed by the system.

The new AutoBid interface does not require Flash or other browser plug-ins. We have designed this new interface to improve the site experience for all major browsers including IE 6, IE 7, Fire fox and other browsers.


Submitting your AutoBid

To place an AutoBid simply enter your maximum bid in the Bid Box above. The system will automatically bid on your behalf up to the value of your maximum bid.

Please note, if you are placing an AutoBid on a Reserve Price Auction, your maximum bid amount may be accepted as the next bid amount.

Now, just sit back, relax, and enjoy! Our AutoBid system will maintain your maximum bid amount.