Bidding History

Understanding the Bidding History of an auction

The Bidding History Page provides a view of the bidding that takes place while the auction is active. It displays each user's Maximum Bids only, whether they were submitted by entering a Default Bid or an Autobid.

Maximum Bids

A maximum bid is the highest amount entered by a customer either through the default bid increment or an autobid prior to being over bid by another customer.

Default Bid Increments

A default bid is placed every time the BID button is pressed. It will place a bid at the default bid increment amount.


If you have placed an autobid, the system will bid on your behalf without going over your maximum bid.

Bidding History Showcase

The Bidding History will show the username, exact date and time of when the maximum bid was submitted. Note the number of bids placed on the auction differs from those displayed on the Bidding History. The Bidding history will only display each user's maximum bid. It is important to notice the time when bids were placed. It will also show bids in order of their maximum bid amount and may not show bids in the order of their submission time, these may fall out of the chronological order. Every "time" that falls out of chronological order represents an autobid submitted.

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