Bid Increments

Our bidding increment model saves you time as well as provide you with a faster auction experience. Our bid button is designed to bid at a default amount every time it is pressed. The default bidding increments will increase as follows:

  • If the current amount of the auction is below $100 then the increment is $ 1
  • If the current amount of the auction is greater than $100 then the increment is 5% of the current bid amount rounded off to the nearest dollar

Bidding Increment Example:

  • Mary is currently bidding $99 on a bracelet
  • Michael then places a bid and bumps the price to $101
  • John then places a bid, by pressing the bid button, his bid is then 5% of the current bid amount and then rounded of to the nearest dollar. So his bid registered at $106.00

* You may only place bids in whole dollar amounts. Cent increments will not be applied.

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