Falling Star Auctions

Are you ready for the next revolution in online shopping? If so, check out Falling Star Auctions at Bidz.com Click Here.

This new auction page is both exciting and easy; and best of all, it's a great way to get unprecedented deals. Unlike traditional auctions, where prices get higher and higher as more people bid, Falling Star Auctions start at a maximum price and fall in price until someone presses "Click to Catch". Once you press "Click to Catch", the item is yours at whatever price it was at when you clicked. All items are first come, first served and the first person to click gets the item.

Your won auction will remain in your Shopping Cart for 1 day from the moment it was caught to pay for these items at the winning bid. We also recommend using the most recent version of your internet browser to ensure you don't miss a minute of the excitement.

Aside from offering a great opportunity for amazing deals, Falling Star Auction are just downright fun, so click here now to see what all the talk is about.

Falling Star Auctions

Falling Star Auctions employs the Bidder Performance Rating system, and requires that our users maintain a Bidder Performance Rating of 5.0 or above. Your BPR is the amount of items that you have paid for divided by the amount of items that you have won during the last 30 days. If you have no buying history, you will have to pay for your first five auctions before being able to win more. The BPR system is one of many ways in which we protect our customers and maintain the integrity of our auctions. Our customers are our first priority.