After the Auction FAQ

How do I determine when an auction has closed?

When an auction has closed, a message indicating This Auction is SOLD will be displayed on the auction description page.

Once the auction closes, an e-mail notification will be sent the winning bidder.

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How can I tell if I am the winning bidder?

After the auction closes, the listing page will display the username of the auction's current winner. We will also send you an automated email indicating the auction has closed and you are the winning bidder.

If you do not receive a notice and believe you are the winning bidder, you should verify the auction status from within the Manage My Active Bids section of My Bidz Control Center. Here you will be able to view all your winning auctions

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Will you post my winning item into my account after the auction closes?

Won auctions will post in your account after the auction has closed. If the item has not posted within an hour after the auction has closed, please notify customer service at Please include your username and the listing number of the auction

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Who do I pay when I am the winning bidder of an auction?

If the item is being sold directly by you can proceed to our online payment center immediately to arrange payment for the auction. For more details, please visit our Payment Information & Shipping Information pages.

If the item is being sold by a third party merchant, you should be contacted by the merchant shortly after the auction closes. They will e-mail you with contact and payment information pertinent to the particular seller. will not accept payments for third party merchant items. It is your responsibility to arrange payment with the individual merchant within five days of the auction closing day.

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Can I cancel a winning bid from my account if I changed my mind about the item?

No. When bidding on a product, you agree to complete the transaction. Failure to do so can lead to bidding privileges suspension. We ask that you do not bid on items unless you are willing to pay.