Second Chance Offer FAQ

What is a Second Chance Offer item?

A Second Chance Offer item is an item that you bid on but did not win. Depending on availability of the item, may offer this item to you and place it in your account at your highest bid.

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How can I tell the difference between Second Chance Offer items and my regular won auctions?

The listing number for Second Chance Offer items begin with "SCO" followed by the auction number.

Example: Second Chance Offer - sco_123456

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Will I be notified when a SCO item is added to my account?

Yes, you will be notified of the offer via email, emails are sent to the email address registered on your account.

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Am I obligated to pay for SCO items?

No, you are not obligated to pay for SCO items. These items are being offered to you at your highest bid in case you would still like to purchase them.

If you decide not to purchase an SCO item, you may simply delete the item from your list. You can also allow the item to relist at no penalty to you.

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How long will SCO items remain in my account and available for payment?

Second Chance Offer items will be available for purchase for 1 day.