Shipping & Claims FAQ

International Shipping

How can I save on shipping cost for Jewelry items?

Now you can check out for all items in your shopping cart and save on shipping. When items from different classifications are combined, you will be charged the highest rate from the items combined and applicable handling charge for the remainder of the items. To provide you with the most economical shipping rate not all items purchased together may arrive in the same box.

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Can I upgrade my order from USPS to ship by FedEx?

Yes, we can upgrade an order to FedEx 2nd Day or FedEx Overnight delivery. Please note that upgrading is time sensitive and subject to availability. Please contact our Customer Service to upgrade your order. Additional fees will apply for upgrades.

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I have not received my order. What should I do?

We apologize if your order does not arrive within the estimated delivery time frame. Tracking information is provided to confirm delivery status for most orders. You can track your order by using the information provided in your shipping confirmation email or by logging into your account and selecting My Bidz Control Center and clicking on view my orders.

Please note that if you do not receive your order after the estimated delivery time frame you may need to proceed and file a formal claim for mail fraud investigation. This can be done by contacting customer service.

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My order was returned to, but I still want my items. Can my order be reshipped to me?

If your order was undeliverable and returned to, we can reship your order to you at your request. Once the package is received, will notify you by email. Please note that international packages are not available for reshipment.

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If I pay for Overnight delivery on Friday, will I receive my order on Saturday?

If your payment is processed on a Friday, your order may possibly ship out but it will not be delivered until the following business day on Monday. We do offer the option of FedEx Saturday Delivery for an additional fee.

High priced orders are not shipped Overnight on Fridays to ensure that they do not remain unattended for more than 48 hours. Any orders exceeding $1000 will be shipped the following Monday.

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How can I ship to an alternate address?

To ship to an alternate address you will need to provide Address Verification information (AVS). You may do so by contacting Customer Service at 1-888-247-BIDZ (2439) or by accessing our 24 hour Live Help. For more detailed information, please visit our Address Verification FAQ Section.

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I won't be home when my order is scheduled to arrive. Can my order be re-routed to another location?

Unfortunately for insurance purposes, we are unable to re-route orders shipped through Standard shipping once they ship. Once the first delivery attempt is made, you may contact the Delivery Company and reference your tracking information to make the necessary arrangements to have your order delivered to an alternate address.

FedEx Express orders can be re-routed. Please contact Customer Service for arrangements.

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My order is being returned to as undeliverable. Can I get a refund instead of having it re-shipped?

Yes, your order can be cancelled and refunded. If you would like your order to be refunded, please contact customer service.

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My order shows it was shipped, but the tracking information does not provide any details. Why?

If your order has been shipped recently, itprobably has not received its first destination scan. It may also be that the shipping company has not updated the information on their site. Please contactcustomer service if you do not receive your order after the estimated delivery time frame.

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I paid for 2 orders on the same day. Will they be shipped together?

No, orders are shipped individually. Please refer to our shipping guidelines for restriction. To ensure that your items are shipped together, please make payment for the items together.

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Do I have to pay for duties & taxes?

Yes, please be advised that you are responsible for customs fees and duties on all packages shipped outside of the United States. Please consult your local customs laws for duties, regulations, and restrictions. Orders shipped to Canada via Landmark Global will not be charged duties or fees upon delivery. We will collect 15% from the merchandise total at checkout (international surcharge) to cover GST, PST, HST and other taxes associated with importing merchandise and customs duties.

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It's been 3 weeks, why have I not received my order?

If your order was shipped via FedEx International Mail Service, it typically takes 3-4 weeks to be delivered. If your order has not arrived by this time frame please contact customer service to file a claim.

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I live outside of the US. When I track my order, why does it say my order is in Newark, NJ?

If your order was shipped via FedEx International Mail Service, your package is first shipped to a mail sorting facility in Newark, NJ and then delivered to you by your local postal carrier.