Place Bids Directly from Your WatchList!

Never miss another auction again!

Save time and increase your chances of winning by bidding directly from your WatchList! This feature will allow you to monitor your selected items under one list and keep you in the bidding action!

How it Works

  1. Log In.
  2. Select the Auction Listing that you are interested in.
  3. From the Item View, click on the Add to WatchList link.

    * You can add as many items to your WatchList as you like.

    * Items will be added to your WatchList according to the auction closing time. The auction that is nearing closing time will be identified at the top of your WatchList.

  4. Example:

  5. Once the items of interest are added to your WatchList, you can continue bidding on all your items directly from that page.

    * Simply click on the Bid Button to register your bid.

    By clicking on the Bid Button, your bid will be registered and based on our bid increments.

    * You may only place bids in whole dollar amounts. Cent increments will not be applied.

    To save time and to Maximize your chances of winning you may place an autobid from your WatchList, simply enter your Maximum bid amount in the Bid Box and click on the Bid Button .


    For your convenience, items will remain in your WatchList for 30 days after the auction closes.

Happy Bidding!