Ring Sizing

Yes, we can resize this ring for you!
When bidding on ring, look for "We can resize!" on the item description.

The resizing icon will be displayed on the description table along with a range of available sizes. If you are a winning bidder, simply select the resize me option and indicate the desired size.


Click here for the Bidz Guide to Finding your Ring Size.

Very Important! Please Read!

  • Ring sizing is available only on items displaying this icon.
  • Re-sizable rings can be re-sized no more than two (2) sizes up or down.
    For example: ring size 7 can be enlarged to size 8 or 9 or reduced to size 6 or 5.
  • Not all ring styles which can be re-sized can be re-sized 2 full sizes. Some ring styles can only be re-sized to half sizes.
    For example: a ring sized 7 may only be able to be enlarged to a 7.5 or reduced to a 6.5. Please refer to the item description table for the range of available sizes.
  • The re-sizing fee is $25.00 per ring.
  • Re-sizing a ring will delay delivery for up to 7 additional days