Address Verification Systems (AVS) FAQ

What is Address Verification (AVS)?

Address Verification is a precautionary measure performs to ensure your safety and to deter fraudulent activity. If your invoice is flagged for verification, our AVS Department will contact your credit/debit card issuer to confirm your identity and verify the legitimacy of your purchase and ultimately protecting your credit and privacy. We have been advised by major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) that in order to reduce fraudulent Internet activity, we should only process payments for customers that have completed AVS verification.

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How long does the AVS process take?

Our AVS procedure can take 24 to 48 business hours to complete.

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How can I ship to an Alternate Address?

To ship to an Alternate Address, you will need to provide Address Verification information (AVS). You may do so by contacting Customer Service at 866-297-2899. For more detailed information, please visit our Address Verification FAQ Section.

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I received an email requesting me to fax a copy of my credit card and driver's license. Why?

The email notice you have received is to inform you that your order has been flagged. As a security measure, you will need to complete Address verification.

For U.S. and Canada customers, please contact Customer Service at 866-297-2899 to complete Address Verification. For International customers, please follow the instructions provided in the email.

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Do I have to send my personal information over the fax or through email?

If you are within the US or Canada, we can complete the process over the phone.

For International customers, you must submit your address verification via fax or email. International Financial Institutions do not comply with our address verification procedure due to their country's privacy laws. As a security measure, all invoices flagged must be verified in order for your invoice to ship.

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I have already completed AVS, why do I still receive emails requesting my information when I place an order?

This email is automated and it is sent out each time the security flag is raised. If you have already completed AVS for the card you are making payment with, please disregard the email and your order will be released accordingly.

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I am a new user and my order has not shipped yet. Why?

If your invoice is above $2,000 and it hasn't shipped, it could be due to Address Verification. Please keep in mind that all orders above $2,000 will need to complete address verification before it can ship. If you've placed an order above $2,000 and needs you need to ship it to an alternate address, you may choose one of the following to speed up the Address Verification process and have your invoice released for shipment.

  • Contact the credit card company and add your Shipping Address to the alternate address field on your bank/credit card account. Our AVS Department will then contact your bank and verify your both the billing and shipping address.
  • Fax in or email in a copy of the credit card being used, front and bank. A copy of an ID, Drivers License or passport will also be needed.

After this is completed, your invoice will ship to the alternate address requested. Keep in mind that your alternate address will now be listed on your account and can be used for future purchases.

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