Payment Information FAQ

Do you accept Credit Cards for payment?

Yes, accepts all major Credit/Debit Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards for payment. Please make sure the billing address on your account matches the billing address for the credit card or your payments will be denied.

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How come my credit card statement shows the money was taken from my account even though my payment was denied?

What has occurred in this instance is that the charge in question was not approved by our payment system. This means that did not accept the funds. These funds are currently pending and are normally released by your financial intuition within 72 hours. You may also contact our Customer Service for further assistance.

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Can I make payment by money order?

Yes, we accept money order payments. Funds must be in US dollars and you must have the correct total for your order. To do so, login and go to the payment center as if you were making a credit card payment. Select the items that you are paying for, but do not commit the order. Remember to put your username on the money order, and enclose the listing numbers your payment is for. Make sure to notify us that payment is in route, and be advised that you still must monitor your account, and request extensions, as needed.

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Do you accept personal checks?

We only accept US personal checks with a physical address; we do not accept checks with P.O. Box addresses. Customers outside the US must send an International Money Order in US funds. (Check payments are processed within 48 hours. If the check amount is over $1000.00, it will be held for up to 10 business days awaiting clearance.)

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Do you accept wire transfers?

Yes, we accept wire transfers only if the purchase total exceeds $1000.00.

If are you interested in submitting payment via wire transfer please contact our Customer Service for further assistance.

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If I overnight a check/money order will that speed up the payment process?

Yes, since the payment is received sooner than with the standard delivery method. However you must still allow 48 hours from the date the payment is received for your order to be processed.

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I have a store credit in my account, how do I use my store credit?

When you are ready to use your store credit, please contact our customer service for assistance.

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Why am I being charged for the ringre-sizing fee even though I canceled my order?

The charge for re-sizing is non-refundable. If the ring has already been re-sized by the time you contact us to cancel your order, then the resizing fee still applies. You are responsible for paying the cost of the re-sizing since the ring has already been modified.

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I have a Sellers Permit. Can I use it to avoid paying tax?

You must complete a Resellers Application form and fax it along with a valid copy of your Sellers Permit to 310-280-7375. This will ensure that your account is notated accordingly. The application may be obtained from the following link:

Download Reseller Application PDF here

Once your Application is processed you must contact customer service to place your orders and have the tax deducted accordingly. Please be advised that tax will only be waived on orders placed after the submission and approval of the Sellers Permit.

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