BASILIO LIVERINO Made in Italy Attractive Brand New Necklace With Precious Stones - Genuine Corals and 11-13mm Tahitian Pearls in 18K Yellow Gold. Total item weight 80.3g Length 19in - Certificate Available.
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameBASILIO LIVERINO
conditionbrand new
made inITALY
material18K Yellow gold Contains 75% Pure gold
total item weight80.3g ~ 2.58oz
gemstone info:
gemstone coral
shapefancyFancy Shape
gemstone info:
gemstonetahitian pearltahitian Pearl. Extremely Popular in fine jewelry for its Classic, Pure and Quiet Beauty
diameter11-13 mm
shapefancyFancy Shape
other info:
width14.5 mm
total item length19 inch
height14.5 mm
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Basilio Liverino has been a family business for over 100 years. 5 generations of Liverinos have built the company into the empire it is today. Basilio Liverino collects the best corals from the coast of Naples and Torre del Greco and handmakes all of their jewelry creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Basilio Liverino is sold all over the world and even supplies other famous designers with coral.