BULOVA Brand New Gentlemens Chronograph Date Watch, 10/10 Condition.
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameBulova
Watch Bracelet:
max length8.75 inch
min length6.75 inch
Watch Case:
height13 mm
total item length54 mm
materialstainless steel
colorthree tone
width45 mm
other info:
comes withinstruction manual

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Bulova watches began in 1875 with an immigrant setting up a jewelry store in New York City, Joseph Bulova. His commitment to quality and affordability led the company to expand into the large company it is today. In addition to its strong history, Bulova is also the purveyor of a number of innovations in the watch world, most notably the use of tuning forks to keep accurate time. All models of Bulova watches are intricately constructed with even the smallest details taken into consideration.