BVLGARI Band Ring Made of 18K White Gold. Total item weight 12.4g - Size 6.5. 9/10 Condition.
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameBvlgari
material18K White gold Contains 75% Pure gold
total item weight12.4g ~ 0.40oz
other info:
width11 mm
height3 mm

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The history of Bulgary is distinguished by the magnificence of large, exceptionally rare gems, by the ability to harmonize the classical with the contemporary, and by an unmistakable creative sensibility that transcends time and passing trends. Every Bulgary creation is inspired with the spirit of excellence. Meticulous attention to detail and quality is part of each product. Balancing classicism and modern evolutions, Bulgari's signature style comprises daring combinations of colors, precious metals and gemstones, and inovative materials. 10 Brand new. Never been used. 9 Mint or like-new. 8 Excellent condition. Barely discernible signs of use. 7 Very good. There may be some light scratches and/or marks. 6 Good. There are some scratches/marks commensurate with regular use or age. 5 Good. May have some wear on leather,discoloration or marks throughout. 4 Fair. Obvious signs of use; noticeable scratches, stains or discoloration. 3 Fair. Very obvious signs of use. There are many scratches and stains. 2 Acceptable. Still in adequate condition for continued use. 1 Acceptable. May require some repair and/or cleaning before use.