DYRBERG/KERN of DENMARK! Kaleidoscope Collection Polished and Assembled by Hand Beautiful Brand New Antique Finish Bronze Plating Pendant
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameDYRBERG/KERN
conditionbrand new
materialbase metal
total item weight35.3g ~ 1.14oz
gemstone info:
gemstone crystal
other info:
width23 mm
total item length73 mm
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All Base metals used in the collection are solid brass. Most of the metal color combinations in the SPHERE line are ion-plated. I-plating (ion-plating or steel plating) is the best technical plating available in the business. Each component is plated separately and hand-polished. Antique bronze items are wet plated with 10 micro meter bronze and have received an antique finish. A tumble polish process and hand polish. The surface is protected by a strong coating. Afterwards everything is assembled by hand.