FRANCK MULLER CURVEX Collection 18K Yellow Gold Women Watch. 7/10 Condition.
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameFranck Muller
movementswiss movement
glass materialsapphire crystalScratch proof and one of the Hardest substances on earth, highly trusted material with its excellent chemical stability
Watch Bracelet:
max length7.25 inch
min length6 inch
Watch Case:
height7 mm
total item length35 mm
material18K Yellow gold Contains 75% Pure gold
width25 mm
other info:
comes withcertificate of authenticity

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Franck Muller showed his gift for creativity from a very young age.Over the years, he has designed innovative watches while achieving great technical feats. In fact, this fine watchmaking genius has regularly come up with World Premieres since 1986, when the Oscillatory Tourbillon was launched. Until 1992, the year when the brand was founded, these marvels were produced by Franck Muller himself and were registered under the Franck Genéve brand. Since his association with Vartan Sirmakes, these products have been created under the Franck Muller Genéve brand. From the Minute Repeater tourbillon to the most complicated watch in the world, the Aeternitas Mega 4, explore the world of these exceptional timepieces.