Lalique! Motif Gr.Nacre Saph. N/Email-S Collection Made in France Handmade Luxurious Figurine
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameLalique
collectionmotif gr.nacre saph. n/email-s
conditionbrand new
made inFRANCE
other info:
width2.0 inch
total item length0.7 inch
height2.25 inch

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For almost a century Lalique has enriched the world with gifts of magnificent artistry. Delicate pieces made in crystal or opalescent glass are prized treasures of collector’s world wide. Lalique defines quality in the world of glass sculpture with the delicate nature of each pieces and the extreme precision to detail. Laliqie gifts will put a smile in any face and will be treasured for generations to come.