Lancaster Stunning Ladies Handbag Made of Genuine Calf Leather
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameLancaster
conditionbrand new
other info:
width4 mm
total item length15 inch
height380 mm
strap lengthadjustable inch

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Founded in 1992, LANCASTER is multinational company with a worldwide reputation for design leadership. In 2004 the company reached an international fame as a trend-setter in world of fashion and added new collections of leather to its product range. LANCASTER leather goods include today a wide range of items: from credit card holders to wallets for men and women, from passport holders to key-rings, from purses to business bags. All of them are made of genuine calf leather and nylon materials. All products are available in many different colors: white, pea-green, red, canary yellow, navy blue and black. Many models are also available in the luxury version which has the steel LANCASTER logo embellished genuine diamonds.