MAUBOUSSIN Made in Switzerland PreOwned Women Watch . 9/10 Condition.
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameMauboussin
movementswiss movement
Serial no.0187 s
glass materialsapphire crystalScratch proof and one of the Hardest substances on earth, highly trusted material with its excellent chemical stability
Watch Bracelet:
materialstainless steel
max length6.25 inch
Watch Case:
height7 mm
total item length39 mm
materialstainless steel
width17 mm
water resistant3 atm
other info:
comes withcertificate of authenticity

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MAUBOUSSIN French jewellery house famous for its Art Deco and Retro jewellery and objects. Though its roots go back to 1827, the firm gained international acclaim in the 1920’s. Its rise into the ranks of Parisian fine jewellers is attributed to Georges Mauboussin, an enterprising and talented jeweller who entered his uncle’s firm, Noury, as an apprentice in 1877. Soon Mauboussin was partner. In 1903, he became sole proprietor. After moving and expanding the firm’s Paris location, Mauboussin began to extend its international presence, setting up boutiques and exhibiting jewellery all over the world. In 1925, the firm won its first great breakthrough: a Grand Prize for jewellery at Paris’s Decorative Arts Exhibition—a coup, given the competition. The firm thereafter moved to 20 Place Vendome, where its flagship store remains today. In its heyday, Mauboussin was known for its chunky floral-motif brooches, pendants, and bracelets, often featuring bright enamels, diamonds, and bubbly colored stones. The firm’s important gem acquisitions include the 80-carat “Nassak” diamond, purchased from the Duke of Westminster in the early 1920’s. 10 Brand new. Never been used. 9 Mint or like-new. 8 Excellent condition. Barely discernible signs of use. 7 Very good. There may be some light scratches and/or marks. 6 Good. There are some scratches/marks commensurate with regular use or age. 5 Good. May have some wear on leather,discoloration or marks throughout. 4 Fair. Obvious signs of use; noticeable scratches, stains or discoloration. 3 Fair. Very obvious signs of use. There are many scratches and stains. 2 Acceptable. Still in adequate condition for continued use. 1 Acceptable. May require some repair and/or cleaning before use.