MISAKI Attractive Brand New Necklace Crafted in 14K/StSl Gold Plated Stainless Steel. Total item weight 42.8g Length 17in
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameMisaki
conditionbrand new
materialgold plated stainless steel
total item weight42.8g ~ 1.38oz
other info:
width6 mm
total item length17 inch

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Misaki, founded in 1987, used to sell exclusively to airlines. Over the years, Misaki expanded its presence by selling also in duty free locations and finally, since 2003, Misaki is expanding rapidly in domestic markets worldwide. Misaki has focused on creative and innovative modern designs, matching pure design shapes with the use of a diversity of materials in combination with various stones on sterling silver, gold or rhodium plated, Misaki promises stylish originality to suit all women.