PATEK PHILIPPE Made in Switzerland PreOwned Watch With 0.75ctw Precious Stones - Genuine Super Clean Diamonds and Emeralds . Total item weight 53.3g - Certificate Available, 9/10 Condition.
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand namePatek Philippe
makehigh quality
movementswiss movement
total item weight53.3g ~ 1.71oz
total gemstone carat weight0.75ctw ~ 0.02oz
glass materialsapphire crystalScratch proof and one of the Hardest substances on earth, highly trusted material with its excellent chemical stability
Watch Bracelet:
material18K Yellow gold Contains 75% Pure gold
max length5.75 inch
Watch Case:
height6.5 mm
total item length21 mm
material18K Two tone gold Contains 75% Pure gold
width23 mm
gemstone info:
gemstone diamond The Most Brilliant of the gemstones. Diamond jewelry is Treasured as a symbol of Everlasting Love and Perfection
quantity/ctw28/0.55ctw ~ 0.110g
shaperoundRound Shape
colorH White
clarityVS1 Super Clean Stone. Inclusions Not visible at 10x magnification
gemstone info:
gemstone emerald The one of the Most Prized of all gemstones. Has a Rich spring green color that symbolizes Growth and Fertility
quantity/ctw12/0.20ctw ~ 0.040g
shaperoundRound Shape
other info:
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The unparalleled renown and prestige that Patek Philippe has acquired amongst connoisseurs is not due solely to the perfection of the watches and the resources of knowledge and skill contained in the workshops. This undisputed supremacy also stems from the consistency with which the company has applied its philosophy of excellence ever since it was founded in 1839. That spirit is embodied in such values as :Independence, Tradition, Innovation, Quality and fine workmanship, Rarity, Value , Aesthetics ,that have always represented the very essence of Patek Philippe and will continue to do so for generations to come.