TIFFANY & CO. Made in Usa Stylish PreOwned Heart Bracelet Well Made in 925 Sterling silver. Total item weight 34.0g Length 7.5in. 7/11 Condition.
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameTiffany & Co.
made inUSA
materialsterling silver
total item weight34.0g ~ 1.09oz
bracelet locklobster claw
other info:
width10 mm
total item length7.5 inch

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Over the years, only a few select designers have been invited to create exclusive jewelry collections for Tiffany. The glamour and charisma of Tiffany's magnificent creations is shaped by an unparalleled design heritage. Tiffany designs embody sophistication, energy and intellect. These innovative, iconic collections are famous worldwide and sought by style- setters for their stunning originality and enduring beauty.