VENETIAURUM Made in Italy Nice Brand New Earrings 14K/925 Gold plated Silver and 24K Purple-Red Murano Glass Length 33.0mm
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Showcase Presentation:
original brand nameVENETIAURUM
conditionbrand new
made inITALY
materialgold plated silver
materialmurano glass
total item weight3.7g ~ 0.12oz
earring lockfish hook
other info:
width10.0 mm
total item length33.0 mm

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Venetiaurum is the new, Linea Italia trade-mark, which has become an international synonym with reference to the creation of Murano glass jewelry, together with precious materials. The Murano glass jewels are made using ancient techniques with an expression of modern style. Every item in the Venetiaurum® Collection has been created by the capable hands of craftspeople on the island of Murano and have been skilfully combined with gold and silver by master goldsmiths in Vicenza, thus making them both unique in their kind as well as exclusively “Made in Italy”. Venetiaurum represents the synthesis between our history and the current state of the art of Italian jewelry. The ancient craftsmanship from Murano and modern, gold techniques are, thus, fused in one, single brand, a point of reference for these kinds of products.